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We've implemented a python function entry point A calling two others SQL entry points (B and C).

On the API Node , we would like to define the maximum number of DB connections allowed for the connection used by the SQL entry points (in this case B and C).

I would like to know the best way to do it :

1. On the API Node Infrastructure setting, can we define this max number of DB connections for the DSS connection created for this DB, whatever the entry points using it ?

2. or Can we define this max number of DB connections for the entry point A ? will it be applied for the called entry points B and C ?

3. Or should we defined this max number of DB connections both for entry point B on one side, and for entry point C on the other side ?

Any help on this subject is welcome


  • MickaelH
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    Have you tried configuring the SQL max pool for the corresponding endpoints ? You can find more info on this settings in the SQL query endpoint documentation.

    Let us know if this is the setting you were looking for.


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    My question is not on how we use DSS to setup this parameter. My question is to know about the best practice regarding this parameter. At which level do you advise to define this parameter?

    - at the DSS connection level (if possible)

    - at the Python function endpoint : the python function calling the SQL endpoint(s)

    - or for each SQL endpoints linked to the DSS connection


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