March 2021 Community Release

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Welcome to the March Community release. This month is focused on helping you to get your great ideas and feedback on Dataiku DSS through to us, and helping you track your ideas progress.

Product Ideas Launch


The Product Ideas board is here to let you share and exchange your ideas on how to improve Dataiku DSS. In this interactive space you can post your ideas about how Dataiku DSS can improve, and keep track of our responses to you. Our Product Managers will review your ideas and update you as they move through our review process.

You can also get involved by reviewing others' suggestions and leave your feedback. Either vote for ideas you like or add to them in the comments. Constructive criticism is also helpful - pointing out sharing alternative viewpoints and creating debate or discussion. Be sure to subscribe to ideas you are interested in to receive updates on their progress!



This is your opportunity to make your mark on the future of Dataiku. So what are you waiting for? Suggest an Idea now!

If you aren’t sure where to start be sure to check out the ‘Resources’ section for some helpful articles.

Once your suggestion has been posted you can follow its journey through the statuses shown above, with accepted ideas that resonate with our Product teams eventually making their way through to ‘Delivered’!

Accessibility Enhancements

Accessible markup.png

This month we have enhanced the ability of those with accessibility needs to navigate through the community site. We achieved this through the addition of appropriate markup allowing users to better understand the function of different elements of the Community. The search box, header, and navigation bars for example are all now marked as site landmarks.

Quick Actions Added


The addition of a new ‘quick actions’ widget aims to bring answers to common questions to new Community users.

Users who are yet to log in, and those who have community accounts but are yet to post, will be shown this new feature directing them to some material designed to be useful to those still learning how the Community functions.

Share your profile on LinkedIn

Networking and connections are at the heart of our Dataiku Community vision. To that end, we have added the ability for users to share their profile on LinkedIn:


Head to the bottom right of your profile window to find this new function!


As always we are very open to any questions on this month's release - and if you have suggestions for the future the Community Feedback page is the perfect place to share them!

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