Start time of scenario doesn't change after reconfiguration

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I have a custom trigger that runs every hour on week days during business hours. We are still adjusting the refresh time of our entire pipeline (AWS etc...) and I still need to modify the start time of my run. My problem is that the start time of the first iteration of scenario won't change the day after.

Example : I want to change my start time of scenario from 10.10 am to 10.01 am. In order to do that, I activate the active on trigger and the auto-trigger on and save it at 9.01 am. As I expect it, my scenario will start every hour according to the 'Run every seconds' parameter (set on 3600s) at 10.01 am the same day and so on until my custom python time condition is met. So, when I do that I expect that the launch time of my scenario doesn't change, and that the next day, let's say tuesday if it was monday, the scenario launch at 10.01 am. However this is not the case, somehow the scenario restart at 9.01 am. It is very disturbing because some how the information about the start time of the scenario is stored and not replaced by my new modification.

My guess is that I don't quite understand how the run every second parameter is stored and how it is correlated to auto-trigger ? Have you an explanation about the process I described ? I can't seem to find any information on how auto-trigger, run every second parameters are related to each other.


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    Hi @onevirtual

    I have a few questions regarding your issue,

    What is your Python time condition? Did you specify a start time?

    The "run every second" parameter should run your custom check every hour

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