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Sorry this may be a basic question but it is causing me some problems.

I am unfamiliar with how to share a project with my collogues. Is it only Administrators on my team that can assign the project to others?

If there is a way to assign it to a team member what is the process I played around but couldn't find a button where I could add a teammates name.

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    Hi @arghod
    and welcome to the Dataiku Community! Here is some information from our Documentation on both Collaboration and Security. This should help give you an idea.

    As a new user of Dataiku, if you haven't accessed it already, I also recommend the Dataiku Academy as a resource, in particular our Getting Started courses in the Course Catalog.

    I hope this helps!

  • Katie
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    Hi @arghod

    DSS project access can be granted at individual user level (as of version 9.0) or group level (all versions). To grant users or groups access to a project, you can go the three dots at the top of the screen and select "Security", and select the users or groups you'd like to grant access to, and the level of access you would like to provide.

    If you don't see the word "Security" under the three dots, this means you don't have admin rights to the project and cannot add other users, so you'll need to first ask the creator of the project to make you an admin.

    If you want to see what groups you're a part of, this is listed in your user profile, which you can access by clicking the icon (likely with your first initial on it) in the top right corner, and then clicking on the gear icon to go to "profile and settings". On the left, you'll see the groups you're a part of, if you want to request that an entire group gets access to a project. Your instance administrator can add or remove users from groups if necessary.



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