Failling to import code envs and create a new code envs

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Hello, im new to this community,

so currently im trying to import past dataiku project in old virtual machine to our new VM,

i have imported the project, but still missing the right code envs to make it run correctly,

so i have encounted this error when i try to import past code envs,

the same isssue is raised when i try to create new python env, does anyone know where is the source of this issue?


  • AndrewM
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    Hello bk211,

    This error is indicating that the server cannot reach out the repository needed for the python packages. By default this is PyPi, so if your server does not have internet access you will not be able to download the packages. If this is the case, you'd need to host the packages in an internal repository and point pip to it through Administration > Settings > Misc > Pip Options and specify a new parameter, --index-url=your_internal_repository. Otherwise, you will need to allow this server to connect to PyPi to download the packages.

    Thank you,

    Andrew M

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