Virtual machine connection to 3rd computer

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Hello, I was working with some databases in my host machine in windows and now I am willing to work with a database that is in a 3rd machine where I cannot install dataiku. Usually when I do this I work with an IP connect my virtual machines to a intranet where it reads the IP´s of my other machines so it connects with them and I do this via a bridge connection, but when I tried this I was not able to open DSS in my windows computer. so I was wondering and I think there might be two types of solutions, but I have not been able to figure it out.

First one is to connect via a bridge connection and make my virtual machine interact with my other computers so it can connect to the databases they have. is this viable?

Second, in the instances try to make my windows machine (which is connected to the intranet) to make the connection to the databases using the ip address from this and the other machine, but I am not sure if this is possible and how to do it.

does any of this makes sense or there is any other option to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance
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