How to generate report to find Number of jobs / Notebooks run on design node (over 1 week basis).

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I need to generate a report to find out how may jobs / notebooks ran on Design Node on daily / weekly basis, do we have any option to do the same in Dataiku ? please suggest.

Thanks in advance.




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    You may find this thread about pulling information out of the audit logs to be of help.

    The general idea is to create a connection to the location of the audit files, then roll the report you need from there.

    If that is not of help. Please share a bit more about how we can be of help.

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    Hi ,

    Thank you for your response, I have created connection to "managed_folder" and generated the schema / list thru console, but when I grepped for the audit.log with command -> grep -i "dku.audit.*" audit.log, I see the apicall's count different with command and console, can you please suggest.



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