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As we kick it into high gear with a new year upon us, we’re also looking to provide a little more recognition across our great community of users. So, starting this month, we’ll be providing a quick acknowledgement and thank you for the top contributors to community posts from the prior month.

Despite the holiday season, and a little bit of a slow down, we still saw a great amount of activity across the discussion forums on all sorts of topics. And these posters helped keep the discussions lively and bright throughout December:


- with 27 replies, 3 solutions authored, and a whopping 10 topics started in the last month!

Check out this solution from Tom - with his trademark handy visual annotation!


- with 12 replied, 3 solutions authored, and a generous 21 Kudos handed out to the Community.

Ignacio is always happy to share his expertise when people need it - like this handy solution this month to an issue integrating hive into DSS.


- With 6 conversations started and 8 replies posted.

They have been asking insightful questions about bundle control via APIs this month.

Thank you all for your contributions and conversation. We look forward to hearing more from you in 2021! Happy New Year everyone!


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    Thanks @KerriW
    ! I'm happy I've been able to help others.

    Congrats to @tgb417
    and @arielma2304
    too. It is

    Happy new year!

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