Issue to add spacy package in a code environment

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I need to use spacy package with a french model.

Following the doc, I created a new code environnement with PYTHON 3.6 and add


Then the env update is looping and never end at this step

Requirement already satisfied: numpy>=1.13.3 in /home/dataiku/dss_data/code-envs/python/PY36_dev/lib/python3.6/site-packages (from pandas<1.1,>=1.0->-r /home/dataiku/dss_data/tmp/pip-requirements-install/req7521612047188513176.txt (line 3)) (1.19.4)

Requirement already satisfied: setuptools in /home/dataiku/dss_data/code-envs/python/PY36_dev/lib/python3.6/site-packages (from spacy->-r /home/dataiku/dss_data/tmp/pip-requirements-install/req7521612047188513176.txt (line 1)) (51.0.0)

Capture d’écran 2020-12-09 111050.png

Does someone can help me please.

With many thanks.


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  • Andrey
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    Hi @Chiktika

    Could you please try running the following from your terminal:

    source /home/dataiku/dss_data/code-envs/python/PY36_dev/bin activate
    pip install spacy -v
    pip install -v

    and if it also doesn't work attach the generated log?


  • Chiktika
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    Hi @Andrey

    Thanks for your answer.

    So, two firsts commands succeed, logs in attachment:
    For the last one, I get following error, logs in attachment:

    ERROR: pip's dependency resolver does not currently take into account all the packages that are installed. This behaviour is the source of the following dependency conflicts.
    spacy 2.3.4 requires catalogue<1.1.0,>=0.0.7, but you have catalogue 2.0.1 which is incompatible.
    spacy 2.3.4 requires srsly<1.1.0,>=1.0.2, but you have srsly 2.3.2 which is incompatible.
    spacy 2.3.4 requires thinc<7.5.0,>=7.4.1, but you have thinc 8.0.0rc2 which is incompatible.
    Successfully installed MarkupSafe-1.1.1 catalogue-2.0.1 click-7.1.2 contextvars-2.4 dataclasses-0.8 fr-core-news-sm-3.0.0a0 immutables-0.14 jinja2-2.11.2 packaging-20.7 pathy-0.3.4 pydantic-1.6.1 pyparsing-2.4.7 pytokenizations-0.7.2 smart-open-3.0.0 spacy-nightly-3.0.0rc2 srsly-2.3.2 thinc-8.0.0rc2 typer-0.3.2 typing-extensions-
    Removed build tracker: '/tmp/pip-req-tracker-gtcnx1tp'

    Do you have any idea?



  • Chiktika
    Chiktika Registered Posts: 24 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 17

    Commands ran without errors

    In DSS part, I removed 'spacy', and just kept ''

    But there's an error when updating env:

    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.005] [null-out-5618] [INFO] [dku.utils]  - Installing collected packages: idna, six, requests, ipython-genutils, decorator, wcwidth, traitlets, ptyprocess, parso, tornado, pyzmq, python-dateutil, pygments, prompt-toolkit, pickleshare, pexpect, jupyter-core, jedi, backcall, pytz, jupyter-client, ipython, simplegeneric, pandas, ipykernel
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.005] [null-out-5618] [INFO] [dku.utils]  -   Attempting uninstall: idna
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.005] [null-out-5618] [INFO] [dku.utils]  -     Found existing installation: idna 2.10
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.005] [null-out-5618] [INFO] [dku.utils]  -     Uninstalling idna-2.10:
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.005] [null-out-5618] [INFO] [dku.utils]  -       Successfully uninstalled idna-2.10
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.372] [qtp506775047-4619] [DEBUG] [dku.tracing]  - [ct: 0] Start call: /api/futures/get-update [GET] user=elodie [futureId=HKdM16OQ]
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.373] [qtp506775047-4619] [DEBUG] [dku.tracing]  - [ct: 1] Done call: /api/futures/get-update [GET] time=1ms user=elodie [futureId=HKdM16OQ]
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.984] [qtp506775047-5352] [DEBUG] [dku.tracing]  - [ct: 1] Start call: /api/futures/get-update [GET] user=elodie [futureId=HKdM16OQ]
    [2020/12/09-17:18:07.984] [qtp506775047-5352] [DEBUG] [dku.tracing]  - [ct: 1] Done call: /api/futures/get-update [GET] time=1ms user=elodie [futureId=HKdM16OQ]
    [2020/12/09-17:18:08.546] [qtp506775047-5352] [DEBUG] [dku.tracing]  - [ct: 0] Start call: /api/futures/get-update [GET] user=elodie [futureId=HKdM16OQ]
    [2020/12/09-17:18:08.547] [qtp506775047-5352] [DEBUG] [dku.tracing]  - [ct: 1] Done call: /api/futures/get-update [GET] time=1ms user=elodie [futureId=HKdM16OQ]
    [2020/12/09-17:18:09.184] [null-err-5620] [INFO] [dku.utils]  - ERROR: Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'METADATA'
    [2020/12/09-17:18:09.184] [null-err-5620] [INFO] [dku.utils]  - Consider using the `--user` option or check the permissions.
    [2020/12/09-17:18:09.184] [Thread-2498] [INFO] [dku.utils]  - Done waiting for return value,  got 1
    [2020/12/09-17:18:09.185] [FT--HKdM16OQ-5616] [ERROR] [dku.code.envs]  - Env update failed
    com.dataiku.dip.exceptions.ProcessDiedException: /home/dataiku/dss_data/code-envs/python/PY36_dev/bin/python failed (exit code: 1)
        at com.dataiku.dip.exceptions.ProcessDiedException.getExceptionOnProcessDeath(
        at com.dataiku.dip.utils.DKUtils$SimpleExceptionExecCompletionHandler.handle(
        at com.dataiku.dip.utils.DKUtils$ExecBuilder.exec(
        at com.dataiku.dip.utils.DKUtils.execAndLogThrowsMirror(
        at com.dataiku.dip.code.CodeEnvPackageSystems$PipPackageSystemMeta.install(
        at com.dataiku.dip.code.DesignNodeCodeEnvsService.updateEnvAccordingToSpec(
        at com.dataiku.dip.code.DesignNodeCodeEnvsService.access$200(
        at com.dataiku.dip.code.DesignNodeCodeEnvsService$21.compute(
        at com.dataiku.dip.code.DesignNodeCodeEnvsService$21.compute(
        at com.dataiku.dip.futures.SimpleFutureThread.execute(

  • Chiktika
    Chiktika Registered Posts: 24 ✭✭✭✭

    What a mess! I retried to rebuid env again and every things is broken.

    So I decided to re-started with new clean env, and it works.

    I confirm that your advice to only add `` in the list of packages to install is the right solution.

    Many thanks for your help @Andrey

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