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I currently have R version 3.2.2 installed on a EC2 instance. I was trying to install some new libraries, but they were failing because R is out of date; I need to get R upgraded to 3.3.3. I know there are instructions here for integrating R:

but I wasn't sure how to upgrade my version.


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    Hi Max,

    you can upgrade R on the instance using the standard "yum update" system commands.

    However, updating R from 3.2 to 3.3 will result in your installation forgetting all previously user-installed packages, including DSS-installed extra packages, as the standard path for those includes the R version ($HOME/R/x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu-library/3.2).

    The best way to upgrade is to replay the DSS "install-R-integration" command, which will reinstall all missing packages from scratch. You will also need to reinstall extra manually-installed packages if any.

    If you want to cut corners, you can also try to rename the 3.2 directory above in 3.3, as most packages should-be upwards compatible and still work with the new R base version. Of course the result would not be officially supported but it has been observed to work.

    Hope this helps
    Patrice Bertin
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