Ease, Access & Experience: User Ecosystem Updates

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With Dataiku DSS usage growing so quickly, and an increased user desire to get onboarded and upskill even faster, we recognize the need to make information easy to find and easily accessible. As a result we’ve made a few changes across our user ecosystem to improve your experience.

First, you’ll find that the Knowledge Base now has its own dedicated location. With an improved structure, browsability and content searchability, this new Knowledge Base is meant to bring you the support you need, with how-to articles, troubleshooting articles and small tutorials, all in one location.

In an effort to improve your overall experience, we’ve launched a new shared top level navigation which uses a single-sign on profile for cross platform accomplishments. We’ve also added three new profile fields: Company, First and Last Name, to help us personalize our communication, allowing you to better identify genuine outreach from us, as well as to ensure we are showing the correct information on completed certifications for example. If you’re already registered, you’ll be prompted to add missing information upon your next login.


Also, with the new shared navigation, we’ve aligned some key areas to ensure that you can easily find the information you need, when you need it, without leaving this shared space.


In our new Knowledge section, you’ll find links to documentation and How To’s on everything from install to extending your DSS usage.

In order to get started with Dataiku DSS, upskill and obtain certificates of achievements, head to the Dataiku Academy on the navigation bar. It now links you directly to a space where you can browse our course catalog, explore learning paths and join the Academy Discussions on the Community.

You’ll also find we've updated the naming of our Programs page to Community Programs to help you find your way. Similar to the previous Programs page, you can now find the great engagement opportunities available to all of our DSS users, including user groups, online events, weekly challenges and more!

Another great navigation item we’ve added is this new user ecosystem blog, entitled ‘What’s New’ - this is just the first example of cross platform news and content we’ll be bringing you from across our various properties.

What’s not changing is our great Discussions area you know and love, including areas to ask questions on using DSS.

We hope you like the new look, and we’re excited to hear what you think. Feel free to drop us any feedback you might have on any of our platforms in the comments below.

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