Can I set up dataiku on a box running fedora 33 workstation?

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Hi all,

I've installed dataiku on a Dell Precision laptop running Fedora 33 Workstation. The machine has 16GB of RAM, and about 500GB of disk available.

Fedora is *not* listed as a supported OS for dataiku, but CentOS and RHEL are.

My questions:

  1. am I wasting my time trying to get dataiku to run directly on this machine?
  2. can I run dataiku in a VM on this machine?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi @jazcap53

    I'm using Fedora 33 (workstation and silverblue, in two different machines), and one my machines is also a Dell Precision (5530).

    My take is that you should create a VM with "Boxes" with a Centos 8 image. I configured mine with 8 Gb, 12 cores and 128 GBs in disk, and it is working great for me. Of course, I'm assuming you'll be only user.




  • Sergey
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    I tried to install DSS on Fedora 33 directly but this requires quite many things to do manually:

    - compile python, install java and other deps

    - potential package compatibility issues or even missing OS dependency packages

    So I would indeed go with VM option taking any supported operating system.

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