DSS startup failure on mac osx11 (macOS Big Sur ) *** OS distribution not supported *** osx 11.0

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Any One who has tried starting DSS on the new MacOS version 11?

[Install] [+] Checking required dependencies

[Install] + Detected OS distribution : osx 11.0

[Install] *** OS distribution not supported *** osx 11.0


[-] Dependency check failed

[-] You can install required dependencies with:

[-] sudo -i "/Applications/DataScienceStudio.app/Contents/Resources/kit/scripts/install/install-deps.sh" -without-java

[-] You can also disable this check with the -n installer flag

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    Hi @dmusyoka
    sorry for the trouble you are having. You will be able to find some alternative ways of starting DSS here at this post:

    I hope this helps!


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