Error when use macro - Download pre-trained model

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I have installed Python 3.6 by this way (thanks @sergeyd
and @Andrey
) :

I have installed cudnn by this way (thanks @sergeyd
) :

I have installed them plugins.untitled.png

But I have always a problem when I want to download a pre-trained model.untitled1.png

Someone can help me please?

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  • Andrey
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    Yes, you could try installing from ubuntu 16.04 repo as indeed there's no cuda 8 in the debian 10 repo available.

    Alternatively you could try the runfile (local) type of installation:

    Screenshot 2020-11-09 at 19.13.18.png

    In any case please make sure that cuda 8 is installed properly (According to the logs you've attached the installation doesn't even start). The easiest way to test is by running the 4 commands I've sent you before. When all four of them return something then it makes sense to try it from the DSS side.


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