Debian 10 and Python 3.6

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How can I force to install python 3.6 on debian and register it in dataiku?

perhaps debian10 is not the best choice for dataiku, which distro is the best?

Thank you for your answers.

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  • Sergey
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    Looks like python3.6 is not available in your repositories or there was some other issue with the installation which might be difficult to troubleshoot (including the fact I don't speak French).

    In this case, you will need to compile it from the source code. There is a great article from the internet on how to do this for Debian 9 but I just confirmed it worked for Debian 10:

    You should be good with just compilation part. There is no need to make it default for the entire system. We only need Python3.6 available in the PATH:

    dataiku@debian:~/Python-3.6.10$ which python3.6

  • Andrey
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    Hi @BenGonGon

    In addition to Sergey's answer an alternative way to install python 3.6 (and other versions if you need) is through pyenv:

    sudo apt install git zlib1g-dev -y
    curl | bash
    # Follow the post install steps printed by the previous commands
    exec $SHELL
    pyenv install 3.6.12
    pyenv global system 3.6.12
    #Restart DSS



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