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I used Data Science studio to build my task, and I deployed as jupyter notebook (code) , then I want sent this jupyter notebook to someone who has only anaconda with jupyter lab( he doesn’t have DSS installed on his pc). How Can he run this jupyter notebook without install dss. He can only install some packages by terminal
I used this line :

pip install http://localhost:11200/public/packages/dataiku-internal-client.tar.gz

i imported the packages

import sys
import dataiku
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import sklearn as sk
import dataiku.core.pandasutils as pdu
from import PCA
from collections import defaultdict, Counter

each packages are imported except this:

this error message appeared "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ''


  • GCase
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    Options is a the AutoML engine inside DSS. In order to use it, you must run it on DSS.

    However, the Jupyter Notebook output adds this line even if you do not use PCA. Your code will likely work by removing this line unless you specifically requested DSS to run a PCA in the "Feature Reduction" tab on the AutoML.

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    Thank for reply, I comment the line for doctor but I got another error :

    Exception: Dataset Khalid  is specified with a relative name, but no default project was found. Please use complete name
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    In order to read datasets from outside of DSS using the dataiku API, you need to add the following line of code before using dataiku.Dataset:


    Where YOUR_PROJECT_KEY is the key of the project (i.e; what appears in the URL of DSS after /projects/)

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