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May 2022 Community Release

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

This month saw the public release of the 2022 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards! Our celebration of your accomplishments returns for a second year. 




Created to celebrate the success of all people who harness the power of data, the Awards are open to Dataiku customers, partners, nonprofits, academics, and individual users (including, of course, all of our valued Dataiku Community members!). The winners and finalists will be determined by a panel of judges composed of Dataiku executives and industry experts and announced in the fall of 2022.





We want to hear your story! Enter your submission for the 2022 edition of the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards to share your pioneering achievements with the data science community and gain industry recognition.




Performance enhancements

We love to bring you new enhancements and features, but of course this often comes with a cost in performance.

This month we focused on smoothing out the Community experience by rewriting and optimizing various page elements aimed at improving load times. I’m happy to report that we achieved up to a 70% reduction in page load times - getting you to the answers you need faster!


Solution display

Accepted solutions are a big part of what makes our community go around, we have enhanced the way in which they are displayed, especially in cases where the Community is so helpful that there are multiple solutions to a single question!

If you don’t already know the value of solutions then you can check out this article that lays out both how to use them as well as what a boon they are.


Finally I’d love to point you to our Community Feedback board - is there a feature you would like to see implemented or improved? Let us know and follow your idea on the path to delivery! 





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