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August 2021 Community Release

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Visibility enhancements

This month we have focused on improving the visibility of various areas of the Community. This included enhancing the Quick Actions pop out when viewed on mobile devices. Users should now more easily be able to use this feature to quickly get to the tips and tricks they need to get started!



In case you aren’t familiar with the Quick Actions popout you can read about it’s utility in our March 2021 Community Release!


We also worked to ensure the accuracy and display of the content visibility indicator you know and love from most pages around the Community.



User Experience

This month we targeted a few areas for UX improvement, firstly a change to the Cookie popup. Rejecting cookies is now more intuitive, and we will do our best not to pester you again once you have given your response! 

In our ongoing accessibility efforts this month we also improved our keyboard shortcuts - if our shortcuts are news to you be sure to check out details in the January 2021 Community Release  to get started!


Tweaks and Fixes

  • The ever-present note that Dark mode enhancements are very much ongoing! This month we tweaked colours to make various pages more appealing with dark mode active, and a few graphics easier to see. Remember that if you are logged in your system settings on dark mode for apps will be reflected - read all about it in our June 2021 Community Release 
  • DSS = Dataiku - don't be surprised to see a few changes to phrasing around the Community this month, we are replacing references to “DSS” and “Dataiku DSS” with simply “Dataiku”. Simplicity, clarity - what’s not to like! 


Looking ahead

One thing we didn’t quite get wrapped up in time for this month's release is ‘System Info’ - this new feature will enhance the posting experience and streamline getting answers. Look out for that next month!


Thanks for reading this month's enhancements - we will be back next month with more as always, and if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them over on the Community Feedback Board!