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Unterminated quoted field at the end of the file

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Unterminated quoted field at the end of the file

After our recent update to Dataiku 12 our data has been behaving oddly in dataiku.

We encountered this problem

Before setting the quoting style to 'Unix' from 'Excel' (default) the job wouldn't finish at all.

Now it finishes but I seem to loose 95 % of the original rows for some reason. There is only "Remove 14 columns" step in the Prepare recipe which shouldnt touch the rows at all. My coworker experiences same results / problems with the same fix (from the docs) she made for a filtering recipe when encountered with this issue of spark aborting the job.

We have been working with this data for a long time and we never alter it (its clean data when we receive it, bought from another company) except for filtering or removing columns. We never encountered any kind of problems with it before the update.




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I don’t have a good answer for you.  However this does sounds like something that the Dataiku support team can help with..

I invite you to consider opening a support ticket on this issue.  This link should get you to a support form.

hope this helps.  

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