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Welcome to Dataiku User Groups!

Welcome to Dataiku User Groups!

Dataiku User Groups are volunteer user-led events designed to connect users for sharing knowledge in Dataiku DSS and data science. 

Join for opportunities to meet peers and share use cases, workflows, best practices, and tips & tricks! 

There are currently two types of User Groups: 

  • Local User Groups: launching in Paris, local groups are welcome all users & data enthusiasts. Expect new groups to be publicly listed on the User Groups page soon! Meetings info will always be announced in those groups, and you’re also welcome to post about any local news related to Dataiku (but for product questions, keep heading to the relevant discussions  ;-)).
  • Internal User Groups: those are restricted to employees from specific organizations, which have launched a dedicated Dataiku User Group to enable users across team to connect and exchange on a private area.

All Dataiku User Groups are run by volunteer users who dedicated time and energy to build opportunities for data practitioners to learn - together and from each other. 

The Dataiku Community team (@MichaelG, @CoreyS, and myself @LisaB) supports them with the frameworks, tools, and assistance needed to grow exchanges - including, of course, the typical pizza, beer, and swag combo.  

Interested in launching a local or internal Dataiku User Group? Fill in the interest form and we’ll get in touch!

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Would you consider a virtual group?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tom! Indeed, we'll be announcing it next week 🙂 We'll update the above and will message you as soon as it's out. Wish you stay safe & healthy!

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In particular I’m considering one related to

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I’ve also done some facilitation of online data science / data analytics groups using online lean coffee type facilitation. Let me know if I can be of any help.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Awesome thanks, we'll be in touch!

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