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Missing _ssl on Ubuntu 20.04

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Missing _ssl on Ubuntu 20.04

When I try to install DSS on my Ubuntu system, I get this error: "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_ssl'". I can in fact verify that there is no on my system.  But, OpenSSL is absolutely installed.  For Ubuntu the package is libssl-dev.  Perhaps this is linux flavor issue? Any help would be welcome.  I am running out of random things to try to make it work.

Operating system used: Ubuntu 20.04

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Can you confirm that you successfully run the dependency installation?

The command should appear on your command line after failing to run the installation, something similar to below where X.X.X is the version of DSS that you are trying to install.

[-] Dependency check failed
[-] You can install required dependencies with:
[-]    sudo -i "/install_dir/dataiku-dss-X-X-X/scripts/install/" -without-java
[-] You can also disable this check with the -n installer flag


If you have not yet, please run the dependency check first then try to install DSS.



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Hi @kgaasch 

When you compile python, please check the next line during compilation: 

The necessary bits to build these optional modules were not found:

below this line, you will find the modules that were not included. 

If there is "_ssl" listed there -> you will need to check the compatibility of libssl-dev with the python version you are trying to compile. 



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