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Building code env for containers

Building code env for containers


 I wonder if it is possible to somehow automatically build a newly created code env for a specific containerized execution?

In the docs there is no mention about how to pass the container conf name(s):

I tried something like this, but it does not link the code env to the config.

ce = client.get_code_env('python', 'py3gpu')
cedef = ce.get_definition()
cedef['desc']['containerConfs'] = ['eks_config_gpu']
# OR 
cedef['containerConfs'] = ['eks_config_gpu']


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Hi @tomas,

Thank you for the question and the steps you tried to update the containerConf fields through the API.  The containerized execution settings cannot currently be updated through the API (the list of available fields that can be updated are listed in the set_definiton() call).  We will update you if this ability changes in the future.  


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