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Access to a Database with a VPN

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Access to a Database with a VPN

Hello everyone

I am trying to connect to an Oracle DB through a VPN, my Dataiku instance is installed in a Linux server in AWS, to connect to a database do you recommend to connect to the VPN in the terminal of my linux server, if so do you know a way to do it?, in the other hand is it recommended to connect to the VPN through the AWS console? Which option is better?

Thank you!

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Hi @IsaacChavez ,

Where is the database located
1) is it within AWS in a Private subnet or another account?
2) Or is it on-prem

You would likely want to establish a site-to-site VPN instead. This would be easier to maintain.

If the database is also in AWS then use or VPC Peering 

If you have a VPN client you may be able to install on the AWS Linux which will largely depend on your VPN solution. For example for Cisco AnyConnect.

If it's just for testing you could use an SSH tunnel to bastion host with a public IP from which the database can be accessed.  DSS simply connect to the bastion host IP/port configured.  

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