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Virtualize a dataset enable/disable

I wanted to bring up a feature that would be really helpful.  In a dataset there is a checkbox to “virtualize” the dataset when SQL Pipelines are enabled.  Found under Settings -> Advanced:


I have found this to save a lot of time with large flows so I use it quite a bit.  The downside is if I need to troubleshoot anything I need to turn it off so I can see what data is in that dataset.

My request is two-fold.  First, it would be great if I could easily see which datasets are “virtualized”.  I can see this being another option in the list on the bottom left of the flow:


Then I could easily see which datasets need attention instead of having to go into each one of them.

Secondly, if there would be an easier way to toggle that feature on and off, that would be really handy.  Going into each dataset, checking the box and clicking save is really cumbersome.