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Shared Secrets

As we've been developing plugins and for other more exotic use cases, we've seen the need for shared secrets in Dataiku. Teams share account credentials or plugins may rely on some group based credential (e.g. Box JWT tokens for a "team account"). We hack around this using FTP type connections and parsing their secrets or an external secrets service which is harder to maintain. Group / shared secrets arent too far off as it is with Dataiku's great credentials handling, and this would be highly beneficial feature for collaboration and team based projects.

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I support this too. We should really have a way to store shared secrets. At the moment what we do is that we create a Dataiku local account and use the user secrets for that account to store the shared secrets. This works as we use this account as the "runner" account to run project scenarios with a non-admin account which is only permissioned for each project.