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Reorder columns in output tab


Currently, on the output tab of a recipe, you can see all the columns that will be output, and there are even "grab bars" (highlighted in yellow) that look like you should be able to reorder them, but the tool won't allow you to do so.


Visual clutter

Requires creating a prep step just to reorder columns in many cases.


Wasted storage

The extra prep step means another dataset that wouldn't otherwise exist.


Wasted processing

As with the wasted storage, this requires reprocessing the data, which typically doubles the processing time.

Suggested / Possible Fix

Allow users to use the "grab bars" to reorder columns in the output step. This would then alter the order the columns are selected in the SQL.


This would be a huge improvement! It'd be great if there were also checkboxes in addition to the grab bars, as columns are often needed as part of the internal query, but should be excluded in the output.

Status changed to: In Backlog

Thanks for sharing, I definitely hear you on this request - this is in our backlog already and we've noted your interest. Will let you know of any updates here!

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged