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Make the Visual Recipe Formula Language Functions Case Insensitive

User Story

As a new user to Dataiku coming from an MS Excel world, I would find it a lot easier to have early success with Dataiku if the Formula functions in Visual Recipies were case insensitive so one could use the function IF, iF, if, If and they would all work exactly the same.


  • This should apply to all built-in functions of the visual recipe language.


  • Of course, this could be implemented in a number of ways.  You could change the shaker language.  Or you could change the visual editor so that it would autocorrect the case of the formulas that are entered.  Clearly, there would be trade-offs and complexities depending on the solution.  
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There are examples here is the community where new users to the formula language find early roadblocks based on the formula language (shaker) being case sensitive.  I know that I had early challenges in this area.