HDFS connectiion creation

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HDFS connectiion creation

Hi Team 
do we have any script present to create mutiple connection in go itself.

We have to created more than 15 HDFS connection and tag mutiple groups to these connection.
Manual approach towards it will consume a lot of time.

if any one has any idea on how can you reduce the manual efforts around this.

Operating system used: linux

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Hi @saurabh 
You could use the Python API with create_connection and create multiple connections from Python code rather then manually. 
You can find several examples here :

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@AlexT i have created a script but got stuck on adding the readable by details and its groups because of the nested functionality, can you please suggest here.

new_connection = client.create_connection('test_connection', type='MySql', params=new_connection_params, usable_by='ALLOWED', allowed_groups=['administrators', 'data_team'])


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