Dataiku Integration with Cloudera 5.16.x

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Dataiku Integration with Cloudera 5.16.x


We need your suggestion to integrate cloudera CDH version 5.16 with dataiku 9.0.4 as unmanaged node.

Unmanaged Node means , no possibility to add the DSS instance in the Cloudera manager to auto deploy cluster configuration (like : hdfs, core, yarn, etc site.xml) files and CDH java jar, as client/gateway node of Cloudera Cluster.

DSS machine and Cloudera cluster machine are in different VLAN, so we have already enabled required communication port.

Please suggest the way to implement the integration.



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It is important to note that:

  • This is a difficult and highly non-standard implementation
  • Support for CDH 5 is deprecated in DSS 9.0.4 and will be removed in a future DSS release

In order to go deeper in your requirements and what can be done, please get in touch with your Dataiku Account Team, Customer Success Manager, or Technical Account Manager. If you are unsure about how to get in touch, please send a support ticket ( Please don't forget to mention the name of the customer or prospect you're working with.

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