How to add a group to a dataiku project using a python script?

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HI All,

we try to create a dataiku project with a python script and then add the ldap authorization group to the dataiku project! How can we do this? We have dataiku version 7xxx


  • Liev
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    Hi @Mike

    Yes, you can do both things in Python.

    A sample code snippet below.

    import dataikuclient = dataiku.api_client()client.create_project(name="SAMPLE_PROJECT", project_key="SAMPLE_PROJECT", owner="YOUR_USER")project = client.get_project("SAMPLE_PROJECT")project_permissions = project.get_permissions()project_permissions['permissions'].append({'group':'data_scientists','readProjectContent': True, 'readDashboards': True})project.set_permissions(project_permissions)

    for this snippet, I'm assuming there's a user called 'YOUR_USER' but of course, replace with one that actually exists on your instance. The other assumption is that there's a group called "data_scientists".

    For further info please refer to docs here and here

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