Do we know when Dataiku 13 will be released?

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We are currently using Dataiku 11 Community edition. We plan to upgrade it to Dataiku 12, but that's a process that takes time for us due to internal procedures. When I checked the previous releases trends, it might be really close for the Dataiku 13 release date. Do we have any idea or official announcement when that will be? If it's not far away, we might wait to upgrade to 13 directly, but if we have to wait a few months, then we ugprade to 12 and then plan ahead for 13 again.


  • Turribeach
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    Dataiku never announces a release until it's ready so your guess is as good as any. I also believe v13 is close but these things are not always determined by product management and sometimes are driven by other areas like marketing. v10 was released on Nov 2023, v11 on July 2022 and v12 on May 2023. Based on that progression v13 is overdue.

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