Data not appending in dataset through python - outside dss

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I am trying to append the data in my current dataset.

Tried with all method (write_row_dict, write_tuple, write_dataframe).

While executing its shows 1 rows successfully written, but when I go and check dataiku application and check dataset only one row available.

Can any one guide on this ? how to resolve this ?



  • AlexandreV
    AlexandreV Dataiker Posts: 28 Dataiker

    Hi @nadardin

    could you share the code you tried to run?

    What error did you get?


  • AndrewM
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    If you're using a Python Recipe in the flow you may want to try setting the output dataset to 'Append instead of overwrite' under 'Inputs/Outputs'. This will add new rows to the output dataset every time the recipe is run instead of overwriting the data.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 2.08.30 PM.png

    You can also use a Pandas data frame append mode in your Python code to append data: Since we can directly write a dataframe to a dataset in DSS, we can append the new rows to the dataframe in the Python code and then write that dataframe to the dataset. I've included a small sample below that illustrates this. It takes a dataset (test_csv_df) and then appends it to itself in a separate dataframe. The appended data dataframe is then written back to another dataset in DSS.

    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-import dataikuimport pandas as pd, numpy as npfrom dataiku import pandasutils as pdu# Read recipe inputstest_csv = dataiku.Dataset("Test-csv")test_csv_df = test_csv.get_dataframe()temp_df = test_csv_df.append(test_csv_df)# Write recipe outputstemp_df = dataiku.Dataset("collapsed-data")temp_df.write_with_schema(collapsed_data_df)

    Hope this helps!

    Andrew M

  • nadardin
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    I am trying to append data in input data set. Can we append in input data set

    data = {'xx:'xxx','key':'1212'}

    df = pandas.DataFrame(pandas.json_normalize([data]);

    writer = dataiku.core.Dataset(dataSetName,projectKey);

    vp = dataiku.core.dataset_write.DatasetWriter(writer);


    No Error. It's showing 1 rows successfully written


  • AlexandreV
    AlexandreV Dataiker Posts: 28 Dataiker

    you could get your output dataset as a dataframe and append the new data to it.

    import dataikuimport pandas as pdoutput_dataset = dataiku.Dataset("out")out_df = output_dataset.get_dataframe()data = [{'xx':'row 1','key':'1212'},{'xx':'row 2','key':'1212'},]df_to_append = pd.json_normalize(data)with out_df.get_writer() as writer:writer.write_dataframe(out_df.append(df_to_append))

    Hope this solves your issue


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