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Hi, I have done course 101, 102 & 103 (july-august 2020) but it seem like my results are not recorded.

Can you help me on this one

Joly from OVHcloud


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    I am not an Academy administrator. I do know that some folks have had confusion between courses that are available individually or as part of a learning path. It is my understanding that your courses will be recorded toward certification ONLY if you complete them as part of the learning path.

    If you did the courses as individual courses not part of learning path. You may have to go back and buzz through the course fast forwarding through the videos and completing the the quizzes and tests.

    Here is the url for the learning paths version of the courses

    Cc: @Alex_Reutter

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    Hi @Joly
    , I suspect that the situation is as Tom describes. Looking in the system, I see you registered for Basics 101 on August 21.

    Thanks for reporting this. Because of the initial confusion between "Open" and "Registerable" courses, there is more explicit instruction in the first lesson of each "Open" course to get credit in the "Registerable" course.

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