Submit your innovative use case or inspiring success story to the 2023 Dataiku Frontrunner Awards! LET'S GO

Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

Celebrating extraordinary people who are paving the way for Everyday AI with Dataiku

Whether it’s strengthening collaboration through data democratization, accelerating the time to realize value, or enabling organizations to develop AI capabilities that they can trust, Dataiku is providing the tools for people across industries to harness the power of data, with results that can be truly transformative.

Do you have an inspiring story or innovative use case to share? Showcase your achievements with the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards, an annual competition created to celebrate the success of Dataiku customers, partners, nonprofits, academics, and all individual users.

Submissions for the 2023 edition are open from now until August 1, with no limit on the number of entries per participant.

Winners and finalists will be announced in late September and will be determined by a panel of judges consisting of Dataiku executives and independent industry experts. A special “Community Choice” winner, meanwhile, will be selected based on which submission receives the most likes.

For any questions, please email the team at We’re here to help you celebrate your success!


Why participate?

Be Recognized as a Thought Leader

Communications and speaking opportunities enable winners and finalists to gain visibility in the industry, while all participants get exposure on Dataiku’s networks.

Celebrate Your Individual & Team Success

Inspire the data science community by sharing your achievements and the value you have generated, either individually or collectively.

Enhance Your Employer Branding

Showcase your innovation within the data science community and entice the best and brightest talents to join your organization and contribute to your success.

Win Special Prizes and Swag

Winners are offered a unique trophy and special Dataiku swag to thank them for their contribution to knowledge sharing!