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Upgrade to Dataiku 8 Today!

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Dataiku 8 is available today and is packed full of more than 60 features. Read the release notes for an in-depth look or keep reading for a few highlights, and join me next week, starting September 7th, for an Ask Me Anything session on Community where I’ll answer your burning questions about Dataiku 8!

Dataiku Apps: Put the Power of AI in the Hands of Everyone

Are you constantly getting requests for small parameter changes or customization for an analysis? Meet Dataiku Apps, a user-friendly interface on top of any Dataiku DSS project. People across the business can leverage Dataiku Apps to get data-driven insights at any time, customizing to their specific needs (uploading their own data, changing parameters, etc.) without technical support. 

Check out some apps in our Dataiku Gallery for inspiration on how to empower others in your organization with AI!

Automated Model Documentation: Transparent & Explainable AI

Eliminate hours of manual, redundant work with a standardized way to provide transparent, explainable AI for every model. Once a model has been trained, simply click Actions > Export model documentation. 

There is a ready-to-use default template, or you can customize the template to meet your organization’s specific needs. The default template provides everything you need to bring transparent and explainable AI to your organization without the headaches.

Flow Zones: Define Your AI zone

You asked, we delivered! The top requested feature by you, our valuable customers, is now here to help you identify and create different zones within your flow. Simply click which objects in your flow you want to be part of a zone, name it, and even color code it to easily organize and navigate your flows. The path to Enterprise AI can sometimes be long, but with flow zones, you can increase your productivity and collaboration with cleaner, simpler flows.

Sound good? Upgrade your Dataiku DSS instance today.

There’s a lot more in this release! Tell us - what’s your favorite feature you’ve discovered in Dataiku 8?