Uplift Modeling in Dataiku DSS - Watch on Demand

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Companies such as e-commerce rely on Churn Modeling to identify customers that are likely to churn. Once identified, the company decides on a follow up action - a discount or a commercial - to hopefully retain those customers. Unfortunately, Churn models do not allow companies to assess whether or not their action is effective.

Uplift Modeling was designed to remedy this shortcoming by directly inferring the effect of an action on customers' retention.

As part of the New York User Group Event, @Jean-Yves(Technical Support Engineer at Dataiku) introduced the basics of Uplift Modeling, that is the requirements needed to train an uplift model, the types of models available (with a focus on S-learners) and the type of metrics used to evaluate the performance of such models. 


Resources discussed during meeting:

If you are interested in utilizing Uplift Modeling in Dataiku DSS please contact Jean-Yves directly via email at: jean-yves.gerardy@dataiku.com

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