Introducing the Developer Learning Path | Dataiku Academy - Watch on Demand

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The Dataiku Academy is excited to invite you to discover its latest learning path -- Developer! Join @SeanA (Data Science Technical Writer, Dataiku) and @Alex_Reutter (Data Science Content Manager, Dataiku) for a webinar to learn all about this new learning path and how it empowers coders of any skill level to take full advantage of the coding features Dataiku has to offer.


The new learning path will equip you with powers beyond the visual tools, including how to:

  • Write code in notebooks, recipes, webapps, and external IDEs;
  • Share code with project libraries and git repositories;
  • Add custom models to visual machine learning;
  • Interact with managed folders and other DSS objects using the Dataiku APIs

and much more!

We’ll also touch on the recently released Quick Start programs -- great to share with your colleagues new to Dataiku.

Whether you’re a returning student or you’re looking to discover more about how the Academy works and how it will help guide your Dataiku DSS learning journey, this webinar is for you.

Sign up for this introduction to the Developer learning path today, and join us for another chapter in your path to Dataiku DSS mastery!