Introducing the Advanced Designer Learning Path - Watch on Demand

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The Dataiku Academy is excited to invite you to discover its latest learning path, Advanced Designer! Join us to learn all about this new learning path and how it empowers users to create advanced data pipelines and leverage automation in Dataiku DSS.

The new learning path will take you to the next level of advanced data preparation, by enabling you to leverage advanced visual recipes to perform powerful analytic functions without code, create advanced partitions, use variables and plugins, and much more!

With this new release, we are also introducing some exciting improvements to the user experience of the Dataiku Academy, which we will be presenting during the webinar as well.

Whether you’re a returning student or you’re looking to discover more about how the Academy works and how it will help guide your Dataiku DSS learning journey, this webinar is for you.

Watch now for this introduction to the Advanced Designer learning path today, and join us for another chapter in your path to Dataiku DSS mastery! 

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