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Labels Explained

Let’s talk Labels!

In order to make the community more user friendly and enable you to home in on the topics that most interest you we have a Labels system. 

When creating a post you can add labels either by entering them manually into the text field - or by selecting from the handy list just below.


If you sort a board by a certain label then you will be shown the option to subscribe to that label. This means you will receive notifications whenever a new post is created that has that label -handy for keeping track of your favorite topics!

You can configure their subscription settings under: 

My Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > My Subscriptions and My Settings > Subscriptions and Notifications > Notification Settings.

Unlike some other online communities you might be a part of we don’t allow users to create their own labels on a whim. We have chosen this path to ensure that our label list remains manageable and to avoid issues with label duplication and overlap.

That said if you notice that a label you would like to see is missing - please tell us about it! We are always open to input on adding in new ones.

If you have any other questions about Labels  don’t hesitate to reply to this post or reach out to a member of our Community team.

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