Getting Started on the Dataiku Community

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Welcome to the Dataiku Community - we’re glad you’re here and want to make sure that you can easily get up to speed and dive into our new experience. Here’s a few suggestions on how to best get started on Community.

First, we ask that you review our Community Guidelines. These outline the ‘rules of the game’ and our expectations in terms of how you participate as well as some suggestions on how you can get the most out of your experience here.

On the Community, you’ll find 3 categories - Discussions, Knowledge and About the Community. Within the Discussions are you’ll find a variety of boards to post your questions and get help from other users. 

In Knowledge, there is a newly created Product Knowledge Base which will continue to grow and contain user-friendly best practices, how-to’s and outline how you can get even more out of Dataiku. Also, you’ll find a link to our Dataiku Academy to review tutorials, training and more. 

Finally, in the About the Community section you’ll find a general purpose board for introductions, community questions and feedback as well as the Community Resources containing articles on how to best use Community and finally our What's New blog where we’ll be sharing the latest and greatest in Community updates. 

Now that you’ve got an idea how the Community is structured, we’d suggest diving into the Community Resources mentioned above.. These will help you learn how to best use the platform features and understand why things function as they do. To get you started, we’d recommend: 

If you’re wondering about other, slightly more advanced topics like our rewards and recognition programming, or how to update your subscriptions/notifications, these may help: 

And lastly, we’d suggest getting to know your Community Team and of course, posting your own introduction so that other members can learn more about you too! 

We hope you enjoy your time on the Dataiku Community and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out or post with questions for the Community Management team.


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