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Welcome to the Dataiku Community!

Thank you for meeting us at the Everyday AI Conference. This interactive e-brochure will guide you through all the resources at your disposal to enhance your user journey while rising and shining with Dataiku.


Sign up for free on Dataiku’s online learning and certification platform to take courses on how to master Dataiku and show your expertise to the world.


Join our global community where you can connect with other Dataiku users and data practitioners for learning, peer-to-peer support, and best practice sharing.


Discover Dataiku’s for-good initiative that empowers non-profit organizations to unlock the full potential of AI.

Academic Program

See how academics, researchers, and students can benefit from free Dataiku licenses and support resources to grow their analytics and data science skills.

User Groups

Join your local community of data practitioners to network, exchange best practices, and share expertise — or become a User Group Lead to host meetups in your city/area!

Dataiku Neurons

Meet our group of ambassadors, who dedicate their time and expertise to helping fellow users and sharing their knowledge with others.

Dataiku Frontrunner Awards

Read innovative use cases and inspiring success stories from Dataiku users across industries — or participate in the 2022 edition to be recognized as a thought leader.

User Research

Let us know what you think about Dataiku’s product and features and earn special rewards by participating in our User Research Program.

Connect with Dataiku Neurons

Learn more about our exceptional doers elevating more people to harness the power of data!