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how to execute multi row formula using windows recipe ?

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how to execute multi row formula using windows recipe ?

I am migrating a workflow from alteryx to Dataiku , at a point I have to use multi row formula in dataiku . So I have opted for windows recipe  . My motive is to update a existing date field based on conditions , like 

eg :

if [date] <= DateTimeAdd([Row-1:date], [Row-1:days],"days")
DateTimeAdd([Row-1:date], [Row-1:days], "days")

My doubt is , how can I add the row-1 and row+1 options in dataiku . Other than windows recipe is there anyother option to execute this step .

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Most visual recipes work row by row. As you identified, the Windows recipe is the best option for your challenge:

  • Use the Windows recipe to retrieve the relevant columns from Row-1 into columns of Row0
  • Use a prepare recipe to calculate the result of your formula

I hope this helps.

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