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Using DSS as ETL tool - sharing experiences

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Using DSS as ETL tool - sharing experiences


I summarised my experiences with using DSS as main ETL tool in various projects over last 3 years. If you are interested you can read them here:




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Hi @tomas_sobotik thank you for sharing this on the Dataiku Community!

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Amazing post @tomas_sobotik and really insightful. Thanks for sharing it!

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@CoreyS You're welcome!

@Ignacio_Toledo I am really glad you like it! Thanks for reading it. 

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I appreciate your insights.

Would you be open to sharing some of the items you mentioned:

  1. Project to Project Orchestration tool
  2. Project dependency visualization 

Some of this seems that DSS can do if you used shared datasets etc, but it would be really good to have a tool to double check.