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Importing a zipped project into Dataiku

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Importing a zipped project into Dataiku


I am trying to import a project into Dataiku however, before importing the project - I have unzipped, made some changes to a few datasets and re-created the zip file. When I have then tried to import the project back into Dataiku, I see the below error:

 DSS Error.PNG

Is there a way I can make some changes to a Dataiku project and then import the project back into Dataiku?

I look forward to a response - any advise would be appreciated.


Operating system used: Linux

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The error you are getting of ERR_PROJECT_INVALID_ARCHIVE suggests that you are not using a valid DSS project export. The issue may be that you'll need to re-zip the folder with the root_folder/parent that is created when extracted. To do so, follow along with this example:

cd /path/to/your/unzip/projects
zip -r *
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