Force text type in Excel export

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Force text type in Excel export

I am trying to export a file with a column of IDs, that Excel interprets as number (even if the type is string / Text in Dataiku).

e.g. -2.876553E16 --> 25561367.87 (Excel believes it is an exponential)

e.g. some #DIV/0! occurs also

How can I force this column to stay in text when I export ?

Thank you !


PS: I did a fix by adding a letter before all the IDs and removing in excel, but there is a probably a easier way to do it
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As of today, our Excel export feature uses the type inference mechanism of pandas. This explains why the ID column was converted to a numerical one in the file export.

Thanks for pointing it out, we will see how we can improve this in future releases.


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