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Dataiku JEK port (Dataiku & Spark)

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Dataiku JEK port (Dataiku & Spark)

Hello, I am using Dataiku 12.5.2 and Spark 3.2.2. I am utilizing PySpark in Dataiku. Upon checking the log, I see that it is initialized in the form of "Init: running in flow, JEK port=32929" from dku.spark.context. Is there a way to set the JEK port mentioned here to a fixed port or to allocate it within a specific range?



Operating system used: centos8

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Setting to a single fixed port is not possible. It will need bidirectional communication on all ports (1025-65535). 
There is no officially supported way to limit the range, but if you find this a blocker for you, please contact support or partner success manager.


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