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BigQuery connection

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BigQuery connection

Hello, Dataiku Team.

If I want to deploy a project on Automation node, but my project has a connection with BigQuery, I need to create the same connection for Automation node, right?

The thing is that I do not have the same options in the automation node as design node.

In design node I have set a section called Path restrictions ----> Bucket and Managed datasets & folders ---> Managed data subpath. But there are not these options in automation node as you can see on images.


Do you know how I can set this options?


Thank you!!



Operating system used: Linux

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I think you are getting confused. Below is my Designer New Google BigQuery connection screen, I am on v12.6.3. There is no concept of "path" in BigQuery connections and you can't create folders in BigQuery either. I think you are confusing the connection with Google Cloud Storage (GCS) which is a bucket connection not a BigQuery connection. And I think you are getting confused because BigQuery needs / uses a Google Cloud Storage for fast writes  to allow new data to be loaded in BigQuery. So a connection to BigQuery usally involves two Dataiku connections, one for Google Cloud Storage and one for BigQuery which uses the Google Cloud Storage for staging data.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 23.03.43.png

Screenshot 2024-06-05 at 23.06.29.png

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