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Architecture diagram

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Architecture diagram


Can someone please provide the  block diagram for dataiku architecture ?



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There are multiple possible architectures depending on:

- where you want to deploy DSS: on-premise? on-cloud (which one?) or hybrid?

- what capabilities you need: design? batch automation? real-time?

- what type of computing backends your users need: Hadoop? SQL? Kubernetes?

- what type of data security/governance constraints you have to comply to?

Could you please share in what context you want to deploy DSS? This will allow us to best answer your question.



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Hi Alex, 

Can you provide a architecture block diagram for the following:

- where you want to deploy DSS: on-premise

- what capabilities you need: design, batch automation and real-time

- what type of computing backends your users need: SQL and Kubernetes

In this context, please provide an architecture that suits the best.


Thanks in advance!

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