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Applying an R script, how can I access the input data set?

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Applying an R script, how can I access the input data set?
I am a bit confused by how R scripts are integrated into the overall flow. Since I connect an R script to a particular data set, it would appear natural that I should not need to name this explicitly (like "standard input" in other languages). However, to get my data into a dataframe, it seems I need to explictly read the data with "dkuReadDataset", and name the dataset (whcih means I have to edit the script if I wan to apply it to another dataset). Do I miss something?
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As you may have noticed Dataiku DSS prefills in the recipe that very line so you don't have to write it yourself and can use the dataframe object straight away.

You are not missing anything, please note that this is so you have more control on names etc and also ensures it works for recipes with multiple entries.

For more information on R recipes you can refer to the documentation page and to the portal dedicated to code recipes
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