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"Enrich records with files info" in prepare recipes working only on csv files ?

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Hi all,

Working on a prepare recipe which is just after an initial dataset regrouping several files.

I have no problem with the step when all my initial files are .csv.
But when my files are .xml, the resulting column is empty.


Step of enriching data in a Prepare recipeStep of enriching data in a Prepare recipe


Same empty result when my files are "on data per-line" based.

What am i missing here ?

(in attached files, a dataiku project : example of an unique prepare recipe with one xml file --> not functional)
Thanks !

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Hi @jack. I just want to confirm that I reproduce the behavior, with DSS 8.0.1. Since there is nothing in the documentation saying that the recipe should work only for some specific file types, I think this is a bug. You could report it via

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Thanks for your confirmation @Ignacio_Toledo  !

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